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How's Business right now?
Is it as profitable as it could be? Do you ever get the feeling that the bank balance should be greater? How long do your customers take to pay you? What's your gross profit margin? If your answers are: "Probably not"; "Yes"; "Erm...." and "Which one's that?", then you need to get a grip on the numbers, because until you do you'll never know the answers - and these are vital questions. Do you understand your numbers? Our job is to help you do just that. Knowledge is power.
It's all there if you know where to look
Financial data can be boring and impenetrable to business owners. Why? Because it's presented in boring and impenetrable ways by accountants. But the numbers tell the story of the business - where it was, where it is now, and what it needs to do get to where it wants to be. Important, therefore. We help you decipher that intelligence, presenting it in ways that mean something to normal people.
winners take action, not just notes
Once you understand what your business numbers are telling you, we can help you transform those insights into goals and action points. WARNING - that will involve worrying concepts such as budgets, forecasts, cash flow and KPIs. What it won't involve are meetings once a year to look at accounts that ended 9 months ago, as well as revealing an enormous tax bill to be paid next Tuesday.

Is Your Accountant Spilling the Beans?

Is your accountant spilling the beans about growth opportunities hiding in your business? Is your accountant withholding information you should know? Download a complimentary copy of "Secrets of a Renegade Accountant" and get the truth.

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