Leading accountant and business advisor Chris Martin has been helping business owners build great businesses for over 20 years.

Over those 20 years, he has noticed that business ownerss are held back by the same five problems. It doesn’t matter what the business is – the same issues crop up time and time again, stopping business owners making the sort of money they want and deserve to make for themselves and their families.

In this free report, Chris explains what the five problems are, why they matter and what you need to do about them.   You will discover:

  • The single question ALL business owners need to ask themselves and why the answer matters
  • How to lift the bonnet and find out what REALLY makes your business tick
  • The number one cause of business owners’ sleepless nights and how to cure it – PERMANENTLY
  • Why knowing where you’re going makes you MORE MONEY
  • Why reducing your tax bills to the LOWEST possible legal level is a must
  • Why blaming other people stunts GROWTH

About The Author

Chris Martin is a chartered accountant and business advisor and has been helping business owners create and grow wonderful businesses for over 20 years.

He is a published author and has written extensively on small business tax issues.

He passionately believes that whilst small businesses are the beating heart of the UK economy,  the owners of those businesses often get very little support and guidance regarding the financial side of running the business. This leaves them frustrated, overwhelmed and unable to grow their businesses to the extent they should.

Chris has developed simple systems, support and guidance to ensure business owners create businesses that provide them and their families the lives they so richly deserve.

About BeyondProfit

We’re a firm of chartered accountants and business advisors dedicated to helping business owners create business that are amongst the most successful, profitable and fun to run in the UK.

We know that running a business isn’t all top hats and fat cigars – it’s tough and some bits are tougher than others. Like pretty much all other owners of small businesses you may be finding the financial stuff the hardest part. (Well, if you wanted to be an accountant, you’d be one wouldn’t you?).

The problem is that the numbers are the most important part of a successful business, so for your businesses to really fly, you MUST understand the numbers and what they are telling you.

We work with you through four stages designed to help you gain that understanding:

  1. Where You Are Now. We’ll help you figure out exactly what’s going on in your business – what profit it’s making, where that profit is coming from, what the important trends are, what things you should be measuring.
  2. Where You Want To Be. We’ll help you think about what it is you want for yourself and your family and what the business needs to do to get you there.
  3. Getting From Here To There. We’ll help you create a simple plan, with an equally simple system for measuring and monitoring progress towards your goals. We’ll be in regular contact to make sure you stay on track.
  4. Keeping More Of It. We’ll ensure the taxman’s sticky fingers take as little as possible of your hard-earned money so you and your family keep as much as possible for yourselves